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A Guide to Converting your Loft

More and more UK homeowners are looking to loft conversions to provide that much needed extra living space, and when compared to a traditional bricks and mortar extension, the cost is very favourable indeed. The main reason for this is that the walls and roof are already in place, and only require some timber cladding, and here is a guide to help you understand what is involved with a loft conversion.

  1. Creating the Design – Look for a small builder that offers architecture in Dudley, who can design and carry out the conversion for a reasonable cost, and the bulk of the work involves creating a floor out of chipboard and cladding the walls and roof with plywood, which gives you a comfortable shell on which to base the conversion.
  2. Natural Lighting – You will need at least two skylights fitted, and they should be double glazed units that have openings, in order to provide essential ventilation during the hot summer months.
  3. Creating Convenient Access –The tiny access hole that you normally have on the loft is too small, and by installing a set of dropdown stairs and enlarging the access, you have convenient access for you and your family.
  4. Interior Cladding – If you have a water tank in the attic, this needs to be boxed off, leaving a small service door that is hinged, and any electrical cables need to be covered, either by timber cladding or plastic conduit.

It is essential to insulate the loft by adding a layer of composite insulation behind the plywood cladding on the inner surface of the roof, and with some carpet tiles and a coat of paint, the new living space is ready to be furnished.

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