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Breaking These 3 Flooring Design Rules With Your Rug Makes Your Room Memorable

Rugs are an important component of any space because they have the ability to bring the colors, shapes, and other aspects of a room together to create a cohesive, unified look. So it’s no surprise that flooring design is stuffed with rules made for how to use and place them, as well as which shades or patterns work best with existing decorations.

These rules are made to be broken.

Here are some tips and tricks for making your carpeting selection work with the space you’re decorating:

“A rug should be as big as your area.”

While it is true that most rugs should be as big as a seating area, or at least as big as the space taken up by furniture, there are ways around this rule. A runner is a great way to tie the colors of the room together without taking up as much area as traditional carpeting. Grab a color wheel, and try to pick a hue that’s similar to the furniture in the room and a complement to the walls or floor.

Another way of getting around this rule is to place your mat at an angle to the space. This will make the room appear larger than it actually is. It will also add a whimsical vibe to your decorating scheme. Play this up by adding brightly colored pillows or items to the room, in hues that play-off or match the walls and floor.

“The rug should be under only the front legs of the couch.”

This is a very traditional rule. If your decorating scheme is supposed to have a strong Victorian or Baroque feel, then you most certainly should adhere to it. But, if you are going for a more contemporary feel, it does not have to be strictly followed. Play with your area. A more suitable look might be to place all (or none) of the furniture on the carpeting. An important aspect of flooring design is working with the items that you have to create a cohesive feel to a room, no matter where the rug ends up.

“Single color rugs are easier to accessorize.”

If you already have a lot of color and pattern in a space, a single color runner or mat, in a neutral shade that compliments your furniture, is an easy addition. But, if you are starting an area with the carpeting, accessorizing around bold patterns and many shades is relatively easy. Pick something that compliments your existing flooring, but in a bright color or with an intricate design, and build the rest of the space up from there. This selection might inspire the rest of the decor, and it can bring your room to the next level.

When choosing a rug, always consider the existing flooring before you make your decision. You might not think of it as such, but the floor is the biggest piece of furniture in your home. A cohesive flooring design plan will make any house into an inviting home.

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