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Swimming in Pools How to Create a Safer Environment for Your Children

Swimming in pools┬ácan be a fantastic time for your entire family. Safety is, however, a priority – especially if you have young children. Having a beautiful pool can really enhance your garden, but you need to make sure that while swimming in pools your children are always safe.

Accidents do happen and, unfortunately, there are often reports of these accidents occurring with children swimming in pools. In order for you to truly be able to enjoy your swimming pool as a family, you should follow these helpful tips:

    • Build a fence. Building a fence around your pool will stop your children from having unattended access to it. If you so wish, you can place a lock on the gate for added peace of mind. The fence will also protect your children from accidentally slipping into the pool whilst playing in the garden.
    • Watch your children. Although you do not want to feel like you are preventing your kids from having a good time with their friends, if they are of a certain age, you need to keep an eye out whilst they are swimming. If you have an older child, you can put them in charge, but never completely leave them unattended. Also remember to never let your child swim alone.
    • Buy pool nets. These nets will ensure that even if your kids do get close to the pool when you are not around, there is no chance of them drowning.
    • Have a clean pool. If your pool is dirty and the chemicals are not regulated properly, you could be putting your family’s health at risk.
    • Have safety equipment nearby. Were an emergency to occur, you need to make sure that you have proper safety equipment nearby. This will include a first aid kit. If you have very inexperienced swimmers in your pool, insist that they wear some form of flotation device – a kiddies’ life jacket or armbands will be suitable.
    • Put swimming pool rules in place. Once these rules have been put in place, make sure that your children stick to them. These rules should include “no running or diving” and “always ask for permission before entering the pool”.
  • Know first aid. As a parent, you should know how to administer basic first aid. If an accident were to happen, you could save your child’s life by knowing CPR and other first aid procedures. Emergency services can sometimes take a long time to get to the emergency scene, so you cannot afford to take the risk and wait on them. It could literally mean the difference between life and death.

You can make sure that your family is always safe by following these swimming pool rules. Remember, enjoying your pool should always be done responsibly.

Providing you with a safe and functional pool

Now that you have the rules established, you will need to have a clean and healthy pool. If your pool is going green, you probably have a problem with your PH balance, as well as with your pumps.

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