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Key Maintenance Guidelines for Flat Roofs

A flat roof won’t shed water as quickly as other types of roofs, that’s why it is vital that you keep it properly maintained and free from any problems such as leaks. Follow these essential tips to help maintain your flat roof.

Regular Inspections

Every few months, you should pick a sunny day and venture outside to examine the condition of your roof. If you can’t check the roof from a window, you’ll have to climb a ladder to gain access. Once you’ve reached a safe vantage point, thoroughly examine your roof for common problems such as:

  • Rips in the membrane
  • Ponding water
  • Loose membrane
  • Water spots
  • Separated flashing

If you notice any of these issues, you should immediately call roofers in Northamptonshire or wherever you are based in the UK to assess the condition of your roof. If they diagnose any problems, they’ll be able to fix them before they turn into a major issue.

Protective Paint

As a home or business owner with a flat roof, you should cover the surface using a protective paint. The product will lubricate the roof, sealing the surface from water and protecting it from the sun’s UV rays.

Asphalt Revival

Many asphalt roofs decline over time, the best way of keeping them well-maintained is to revive the structure by brushing on asphalt roof coating. If your roof is slightly tilted, start at the highest point and gradually work your way down.

It is important to maintain your flat roof, if you can’t do it yourself or you’ve notice one of the problems mentioned above, call a professional for assistance.






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