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Types of projects a mini excavator can be used for

Mini excavator’s also known as compact excavators are a versatile addition to your fleet that offers plethora of functions on a project that lacks a comfortable working space. It is a great time and labor-saving tool that is becoming popular in construction sector.

Although its size is compact but it offers similar capabilities like a standard excavator. Its maneuverability and reduced tail swing is a standout feature that allows you to work in tight spaces without damaging the adjacent environment and constructions.

Another feature that makes this machine versatile is the number of possible attachments. So, you can use the same machine for variety of tasks like material handling, landscaping, demolition, digging, and trenching.

So, if you’re still unsure of the benefits one can enjoy with the mini excavator hire, here’re some instances.

Light demolition

Demolition industry is seeing a growing trend in the use of mini excavator for light indoor demolition jobs. With specialized hydraulic hammer attachments, you can turn your mini excavator into demolition equipment that can easily handle and shift demolished material after dismantling process. There are also specialized demolition mini-excavators that are designed solely for the purpose of demolition.

Material Handling

Another important function a mini excavator performs is the loading of materials and debris into dump trucks. The powerful boom and its reach allow it to efficiently undertake material handling jobs. But you have to determine the size and load of the material to be handled.


With its powerful hydraulic boom, a mini-excavator can easily let you dig out stumps from the ground. Beside this it can speed up your site area clearance making it easier for you to commence the main work well on time. With its compact size there will be less damage to work sites and there are fewer risk of damaging the yard’s soil. You can attach a backfill blade to your compact excavator to do grading while on the go. You can reshape the terrain and level the ground as required by your design.

Trench and holes excavation

A lot of tight construction spaces require trench excavation or digging of a hole. In such cases, you need power and strength but you don’t have enough space to accommodate a standard excavator. So, in such cases an excavator hire saves time and thus you can complete the project in less time.

Installing Water Features

Whether you need a water pool, waterfall, or a hot tub in your yard, a mini excavator is the best choice for such projects. You just have 6 to 7 feet of space available and you can’t damage the existing landscape. So, a mini excavator hire will let you undertake such DIY ventures easily.

Plowing Snow

When you’re in freezing regions, you’re stuck in situations of icy condition over ground. In such cases, the stability of a mini-excavator comes handy. It will let you easily plow snow off the ground and make it clear.

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