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Various Types of Roofing

If you are planning to build your dream home in the very near future, your thoughts will turn to roofing, and with many different materials, there’s a lot to consider. Rapid advances in technology have seen the arrival of some exciting composites that are used for roofing, and with that in mind, here are your choices when thinking of putting a roof on your new home.

  • Slate Roofing –The timeless look of slate combines with natural durability to give you a roof that will last for decades. Slate isn’t the cheapest of materials, but when you factor in the high level of durability and great insulation, it takes a lot to beat a slate roof.
  • Lead Roofing – Lead roofing will last for a century or more and such a roof will undoubtedly add character and charm to any property. Fortunately, there are reliable roofing contractors in Epsom who specialise in lead roofing, and with their expertise and your ideas, you will have the perfect protection for your new home.
  • Felt Roofing – Ideal for the modern home, felt roofing is typically made up of three separate layers, and with high grade bituminous felt, the roof will stand the test of time.
  • Traditional Shingles – Still very popular among UK homeowners, a traditional shingle roof will last several decades, and with a professional installation, there’s little that can go wrong.

Roof covering need to be carefully considered and by choosing something that is in keeping with the look of the home, your property will be complemented perfectly.










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