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3 Weekend Projects to Upgrade Your Home

You look at other people’s homes or DIY video posts on social media hoping to get a similar design or setup for your own home. Most of the time these wishes never come true because you are short on time. The busy 9-5 life prohibits us from actually upgrading our homes and planning a renovation. It is natural for you to have elaborate plans for remodeling your house but you get restricted due to limited time. We have compiled some easy and affordable home upgrade projects for you to try out over the weekends. This way you do not need to wait for a long period of time to upgrade your home and the weekends become even more fun.

Add a Splash of Color to Your Walls

You can easily plan to paint your walls over a weekend. This DIY option makes your weekend fun and you actually get something done over a matter of two days. You can think of mixing different and unique colors together for a room or a particular wall in a room. You easily get trendy wallpapers in the stores and putting them on is extremely do-able over a weekend. You can also think of painting your ceiling and try to make a statement out of it. It would be even better if you think of getting some beautiful wall-hangings for your remodeled walls. You may also consider redoing the décor of the room to adjust with the new wall color and also upgrade the lighting of the room. A striking wall color grabs the attention of whoever walks into the room, and you can get it done in the coming weekend.

Brush, Wash, Floss, Flush!

These terms immediately bring to your mind your bathroom. You can think of changing the look of your bathroom over the coming weekend without much hassle. With changing times, our needs keep growing as well. Small storage spaces are not enough anymore. You walk into the bathroom and there is absolutely no excitement left. You canget rid of your boring and old vanity cabinets with modern bathroom vanities. You will be in awe of modern cabinetry because they look chic, are very spacious with many compartments and are extremely affordable. This project can be tackled over a weekend, without disrupting your schedule or spending too much. The modern bathroom vanities are a great choice for remodeling your bathroom and you can enjoy the little amount of time you spend there in your busy 9-5 life with more excitement.

A Messy Kitchen Is Not a Happy Kitchen

Kitchen is known as the heart of your home, you spend so much time there, it is probably time to think of upgrading it for your weekend project. If you walk into your kitchen and see things lying around, utensils and cups not in their place, spice boxes not finding their space on the shelf, you know it is time to redo the kitchen cabinet. For the weekend DIY project, you can opt for assembling an RTA cabinet in your kitchen by getting rid of the messy and cramped old one. The Ready to Assemble cabinets are a fun way of piecing together each element yourself and you get to make space for everything you have in the kitchen. You can think of making DIY pot-hangers, cup-racks and even compartmentalize the drawers according your needs. With the RTA cabinets, you can make changes where you want and fit the whole cabinet in the available space that you have.

These home upgrade ideas are trendy, practical and economically feasible to get done over a weekend. Now instead of making grand renovation plans that take almost a month to get done, task yourself with these easy two-day projects and enjoy upgrading your home one step at a time.

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