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Understanding Trackers: Bluetooth vs. GPS Trackers

There are a variety of smart trackers that are available in the market, they come in various shapes and sizes and can provide an affluence of features that will satisfy every owner even the ones that are picking the wrong one. With that in mind, the question now is that, how do you decide which one is the best tracker for you?

Trackers, in general, is a small device where you can affix it to your valuable items and personal belongings. You can connect these trackers to an app on your mobile device. You can start activating the device so that it will record the location of the affixed item then submit the following information to your particular device.

Bluetooth Tracker vs. GPS Tracker

GPS: Unlike the Bluetooth tracking technology, GPS tracking tech has existed for over a decade. But it only became popular in the ’90s when the public started to use the network of US military satellites.

Bluetooth tracking technology: On the other hand, the Bluetooth tracking device is a relatively new occurrence that started together with the Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BLE). Because of the rise and innovation of Bluetooth technology, it allows the trackers to have a more stable connection while still having a smaller power consumption. Because of this, it opened the device to new development such as light and smaller trackers that everyone can easily bring in their pockets or even affixed it in their keys.

What do you need?

The answer to this question largely depends on what and how you want to use the tracker for. While the GPS tracker has proven to be more reliable, a Bluetooth tracker, on the other hand, works well in limited day to day spaces such as your house and office. This means it works best in places where you visit at least once a day, like a car, house or office. This allows your tracker to connect to your phone then and then proceed to update the device in your current location. So if you’re not sure if you have left your items at home or in your car, this is the best way to locate your items properly. It is as simple as opening the app on your phone and locate the last place where the item is placed.

The GPS tracker, on the other hand, works best in a larger and open area that you’re accustomed to comparing to the limited distance of Bluetooth tracker. This is ideal in large spaces like a park where you misplaced your item and you no longer find it there. It has the same feature and process of using the Bluetooth tracker, you still need a mobile device and an application in your mobile device.

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