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4 Common Reasons to Contact a Locksmith

You rarely think about a locksmith until you really need one, if you know who to call in advance, you are assured they’ll get the job done right.

  1. Lost Keys

The main reason why people call a locksmith is because they’ve lost their keys. If you are based in South East London, emergency locksmiths in Catford can get you back on track. Lost keys leave your home or business vulnerable to:

  • Robberies
  • Vandalism
  • Unlawful Entry
  • Unauthorised Key Copies
  • Vehicle Theft
  1. Malfunctions

Even new keys can become faulty, stopping you from entering your home or business. A professional locksmith can help you get out of or into your premises if your lock has malfunctioned. They can also give recommendations on how to avoid future problems.

  1. Broken Key

Another common reason to call a locksmith is a broken key, some keys can snap in the lock when you go to use them leaving you stuck inside your property or unable to gain entry. A locksmith will quickly remove a key which is jammed in a lock, so you once again have a fully functional door.

  1. Relocating

If you’re moving to a new property, it is best to rekey the premises to ensure none of the previous tenants have access to the building. Knowing old tenants have access with old keys can be a bit worrying, your best option is to rekey the doors to your new property.

A professional locksmith can handle all sorts of jobs, including emergency lock repairs, burglary repairs, double glazing repairs and key cutting services.

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