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An Insight into Domestic Waste Management

The way we dispose of our waste has radically changed since the turn of the century, and recycling is now a way of life for most people, as we all try to minimise our carbon footprint. When you carry out home renovations and hire a skip for the waste, have you ever considered what happens to that waste material?

Recycling Plants

There are major recycling plants all around the UK, which are dedicated to recycling all forms of commercial and domestic waste, and when you hire the best skips in Wolverhampton, approximately 90% of the waste is actually recycled. The skip hire company would sort all waste at their yard, and the following categories are taken away for recycling:

  • All forms of paper – Cardboard, newspapers, magazines and packaging.
  • Plastic of All Types – Device packaging, plastic implements and wrapping.
  • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals – Some skip hire firms pay cash for certain scrap metals.
  • Green Waste – All gardening waste can be recycled.
  • Rubber Products – Even rubber can be recycled.

Minimal Use of Landfills

As we now know that landfills pollute the ground, use is strictly limited to materials that cannot be recycled, and when a landfill is created, it must be according to local authority guidelines. When compared for 20 years ago, the amount of recycling that happens now is significantly more, and many waste management companies boast a recycling percentage of 95%.

When you generate domestic waste, make sure your skip provider is eco-friendly, and almost all of the waste you generate will be reused.

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