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How To Clean Your Garage Doors – Quick And Easy Guide For Home Owners

Before the snow comes blowing in, it is important to clean and maintain your garage doors. This would ensure that the door would be in tiptop condition and any problems can be prevented. By taking the time to check, repair and clean the doors, this would not only make it easier for you, it would also prolong the life of the garage.

Cleaning typically would involve the use of cleaners, rags and water. However, some special cleaning agent may be required depending on the type of door that is installed by the homeowner. Cleaning doors can be done once a year but for those who live near the sea or have high salt air climate, cleaning and maintenance should be more regular to ensure that the doors are free of dirt and functioning properly.

Cleaning Steel Garages

Steel doors are easy to clean and would only require mild cleaning agents or even household cleaners without bleach. Simply dissolve the cleaner or agent with room temperature water and wash the door using sponges or soft bristle brushes. This would remove any dirt or grime without removing the film that coats the door. Remember to rinse the soap from the door to prevent any residues that might damage the door’s film and ruin its durability. Let the door dry completely before applying wax to coat and protect the door. There are some waxes that one might buy from stores or once could use car wax to coat the steel door.

Cleaning Wood Garages

Cleaning wood doors can be tricky as the water might penetrate the wood especially woods that have cracks on its surface. Before cleaning the door, ensure that it is in good condition. Regular cleaning and maintenance would prevent the door from being damaged and would help it last longer. To remove dirt or grime from the door, use a diluted solution of cleanser and water – one cup of concentrated household cleaner without bleach to five gallons of water. Scrub the surface and rinse thoroughly with clear water. Let it dry completely before applying finish coating to protect the wood. For damaged areas, use oil or primer to coat the wood substrate.

Remember that aside from cleaning the garage door, one should also check the door’s condition. These would include checking the rollers, cable wires, hinges as well as checking the door’s balance. Ensure that after cleaning the door thoroughly, the hinges or wires are dry as water can cause rust which can erode the hinges and upset the door’s balance that might cause accidents.

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