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Making Sure You Choose a Painting Contractor That Delivers What You Need

You would have surely heard of traumatic experiences that people undergo with painting contractors. It’s not unusual for contractors to leave the job incomplete, use the wrong shade or give an improper finish to your rooms. Some even paint the wrong room! You can surely avoid getting into all such problems by doing your homework properly. There are a couple of things that need your consideration while looking for a paining contractor. Keep the following in mind while conducting your search for painting contractor:

Dependable Recommendations

You can surely depend on the recommendations of your friends and neighbors who have hired some painting contractor in the recent past. In fact, this is among the most dependable ways of finding a good contractor. You may call upon your friend and see the quality of work done by the contractor. This enables you to get first-hand information about the recommended contractor regarding the quality of work and his professionalism.

How busy is the contractor?

The worthiness of a contractor can also be judged by knowing how busy there are. Expect a good contractor with happy and satisfied customers to be busy. It is reasonable to conclude that his reputation is getting him more business and that keeps him busy. This piece of information coupled with recommendation from a known friend should suffice to zeroing on that contractor.

Reliable and experienced contractors should be able to offer ready references of the jobs executed by them, along with a portfolio containing photos. This enables you to see the kind of jobs they have been doing so far, thus allowing you to assess their suitability for your particular job. It will be worthwhile for you to talk to one or two of the references provided by the contractor before taking a final decision.


Before finalizing the choice of your contractor, make sure to inquire if they possess appropriate insurance for protecting their workers and you, in case of any unfortunate accident that could harm your property or the workers. Be sure that the insurance policy protects you from any harm caused to any workers during the project.


Even if you are on a very limited budget, you should not entrust the job of painting your house to inexperience hands like students undertaking painting work as summer jobs. After all, you are going to spend your hard-earned money and would like to get a quality job. You don’t get your house painted every other day. Only an experienced contractor is equipped to handle structural obstructions, such as holes and walls damaged by water.

Sign a contract

And last, but not the least, it is extremely important to sign a formal contract with your contractor. Generally, contractors have a ready-to-sign contract with them. Do not sign the same unless you have understood the clauses contained. Also don’t hesitate to ask questions and seek clarifications. You may need to amend certain unacceptable clauses. It is always better to get something in writing rather than not having anything at all. You will find it helpful and reliable in case of any controversies arising during the course or at the end of the contract.

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