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Tips To Achieve Best Results For Painting Aluminum Window Frames

Aluminum window frames have gained popularity for all valid reasons. They are durable, easy-to maintain and energy efficient. Moreover, they can be made to look attractive with a quality plastic paint. Painting aluminum frames is not difficult; all you need to learn are some good preparations and tips to execute the process carefully for the most desired results.

To begin, take a note of the things that you would require:

• Tapes and plastic films to protect the adjacent surfaces.

• Cleaning accessories like soaps (salt-free), solvent cleaner, chemical metal cleaner, clean clothes, scourer, sandpaper, stain removing lubricants, toothbrush and warm water.

• Metal primer, high-grade plastic paint and paintbrush.

Cover the Adjacent Surfaces:

The first step should be to tape the adjacent edges and cover the wall surfaces and window panes with plastic films. Do not overlook this step to avoid unfinished looks and to save your windows from excess paint.

Clean the Frames:

There are three important reasons to perform this step:

• To prepare the surface

• To remove loose oxidations in the form of powder

• To get rid of stains and dirt

Use a scourer (usually 000 grade is recommended) to remove the chalky paint. In case of excessive chalking, you will need sandpaper (choose one with the right grit size). Remove the fine dust produced in this process. The next step would be to clean the surface using soap and warm water. It should be followed by a second wash that must be performed with a solvent cleaner. Clean clothes must be used to wipe off the soap and solvent completely. If you find excess of stains on the surface, use a lubricant spray and scrub the surface with a toothbrush. Apart from cleaning the surface, each of these processes help in preparing the surface to hold the plastic paint. Remember that if the surface is not aptly prepared, the paint may not stick to it.

Metal Cleaner, Primer and Paint

A chemical metal cleaner, usually an alcohol-based solution, should be used to perform the final cleaning step. Make sure that you allow the frames to dry up before applying the primer. Get a good quality primer and carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prime the frames. Again, let the primer dry up before you prepare for the final step.

While applying the plastic paint, make sure to follow these steps:

• Stir the paint to make it even

• Always apply thin coats of paint, as thick coats offer prove to be detrimental.

• Double coats of paint are enough, though an additional coat may be applied if you find the aluminum shining through.

• Let each coat dry up completely before you apply the next.

Finally, you need to carefully remove the tapes and films, without harming the finish of the paint. If it is your first experience, make sure that you take recommendations from experts regarding the type of plastic paint you must select. Oil based enamel and two pac polyurethane paint are two good options available in the market.

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